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              © Copyright 2008. All Right Reserved by Viceroy of India



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              Catering: 847-971-5663


              South Asian Bridal Show 2009




              Namaste! Viceroy of India restaurants have been a family tradition since 1986. Our award winning and acclaimed restaurants have earned the reputation of serving mouthwatering dishes that showcase time-honored and unique recipes that feel like home. We are proud to be the premier Indian restaurant in the Chicago land area.
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              Our Popular Food

              Popular Dishes

              Tandoori Chicken
              Chicken Tikka Masala
              Seekh Kabab
              Saag Paneer
              Malai Kofta
              Tandoori Mix Grill

              Popular Dessert Items

              Gulab Jamun
              Mango Kulfi

              Popular Vegetarian Specialties (Vaishnau Bhojan)

              Navrattan Curry
              Garden fresh vegetables cooked in an onion, tomato & mildly spiced cream sauce.
              Dal Makhani
              Lentils cooked in a mildly spiced onion, tomato sauce.

              Popular Appetizer

              Vegetable Samosa
              Deep fried patties stuffed with fresh potatoes, green peas and freshly ground Indian spices, served on a bed of chopped lettuce.

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              Catering: 847-971-5663

              You can find us at:

              Ashyana Catering
              1620 75th Street
              Downers Grove, IL 60516
              630 964 7090(Call)

              233 E. Roosevelt Rd.
              Lombard, IL 60148
              630 627 4411 (Call)

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              Check out our other ventures!

              Shikara Restaurant
              Downers Grove
              630.964.1720 (Call)
                Ashyana Banquets
              Downers Grove
              630.964.7090 (Call)

              Lombard Restaurant Timings

              Daily lunch buffet

              Timings: 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM

              A la carte dinner

              Timing: 5:00 Pm - 10:00 PM

              Lombard Location


              Yay, Viceroy! This place...

              Yay, Viceroy! This place is the number one indian restaurant in Chicago- I have been...
              By Lily

              This is my favorite indian...

              This is my favorite indian restaurant. Viceroy's food is definitely the most enjoyable...
              By Tom

              One of the best places...

              One of the best places to go for authentic Indian food! I love the flavors at Viceroy and...
              By Kavita
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